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Coping With Child Abuse as an Adult

Today I have been listening to BBC 5Live and the conversations around historic child abuse, which were recently discussed in Nicky Campbell's recent podcast episode. The presenter recently opened up about the abuse he suffered in school and the effect it had on him into his adult life.

Sadly there were many people contacting the shows saying concerning things, such as, "I've always felt ashamed," or, "I've never shared this." I felt overwhelmed. It appears there are many people out there who still carry these traumas having never spoken about them or looked for help and, regrettably, this can have devastating effects on mental health.

To cope with the emotional effects of such trauma, some may turn to drugs, drinking, or even self-harming. Sadly, if we are unaware of the help available to us, we may never seek it. Today I want to let you know there are places you can talk. Charities, like Support Line, can help adults who suffered abuse as a child, and I would encourage anyone who has suffered to check out the following sites if you are affected by this story.

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