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Life coaching


How we can help.

In His Mind, we are not therapists or health professionals, but we are humans. As humans we all experience emotions, and His Mind's goal is to be a support network here to aid you in your understanding of the emotions you experience.  

Our team has a wealth of knowledge & resources to help you find the right help if needed, or simply to support you during your journey.

Supportive Network

Helpful Resoruces


His Mind is open to all who identify as men and want to join our network. By building a strong community that will help one another we hope to foster a safe environment for all men struggling and finding things difficult. 

We can provide access to a number of different resources to help those struggling and experiencing difficulties who are wanting further assistance. These can include mental health charities, Councillors, or simple worksheets or documents with supportive information. 

We host bi-weekly meetings to help our community come together and share their stories and successes, or even just listen to those willing to be open. These meetings are completely confidential.

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