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Cost of living crisis - Food

As the cost of living crisis sadly affects more and more families we know some men can feel the burden of "bringing home the bacon" and while they may have support within their family or friend group this can sometimes feel overwhelming.

If you are struggling know you are not alone. Recent stats from Trussell Trust show over 2 million people are now using food banks to help feed themselves and their families. Foodbanks have been operating for a number of years but recently have seen large increases in the number of people needing their help with the number of users doubling since 2017/2018.

The Oxford Food Hub is a charity working on surplus food redistribution in Oxfordshire, providing food to over 150 charities. In 2020, they supplied over 600 tonnes of produce to local charities and community groups. If you're struggling with the cost of food you can find lots of helpful information on their website -

SOFEA also offers a community larder that you can join for £3.50 and access between £12-£15 worth of food. For more information visit

If you need further help or have other questions please reach out to a member of our team.

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