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⚽Football Fundraiser⚽

His Mind FC will be going up against ASF Vets in a Friendly match Monday 15th April to raise money for His Mind.

Money raised will be used to help cover costs of our league matches, meaning we can continue to offer games to our players at no cost.

Leisure Leagues charge £34 per match to cover their operational costs, and we had initially been asking our players to help cover this with us. We understand this is normal practice in these football leagues, however, we aim to offer our support for as little cost as possible, or preferably no cost. We continue to work towards developing our offers.

His Mind were supported last season by SOHA Housing, Didcot Locality, and Vale and West Locality with funds to help cover the cost of our matches which enabled us to offer free involvement for our players.

This made a significant difference and we would love to offer this again for this season.

Please click here to donate and share too.

Whatever way you choose to help, donating small or big, or sharing with others, we appreciate it.

Thank you

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