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Let's Talk About our Kickabout

Updated: Feb 26

Let's 'Ave A Kickabout is a new project for His Mind, offering football challenges and drop ins for men aged 18+, giving space to get involved in physical activity and tackle loneliness.

Supported by Active Communities Team, Vale of White Horse District Council and South Oxfordshire District Council, we are looking forward to seeing where this goes from here, with an aim to develop a team for some 11-a-side friendlies with His Mind FC, as well as bringing people together to support the wellbeing of men.

Hosted at Abbey Sports Centre in Berensfield, our first session was on Tuesday 20th. This session had some good numbers and saw many laughs and smiles being shared, with some good skills on show too.

We even featured on BBC Radio Oxford.

We interviewed some of those that attended, which you can catch below. The recording below also features His Mind Founder Ryan's chat with the BBC

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