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The Carbon Life Podcast

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

"You are not a burden, you're a human; speak, reach out. Save a life."

His Mind Founder Ryan was invited on The Carbon Life Podcast recently to discuss His Mind and his motivation behind the network's creation.

During the conversation, Ryan speaks in detail about his own struggles with emotional regulation and how this has impacted his life. With mental health still being a bit of a taboo subject amongst men, the chance to sit down and have an honest conversation on the topic was an amazing opportunity.

The podcast explores low moods, struggles, and trauma, but also touches on hope and optimism; opening up an organic conversation around mental health and human nature. Ryan explains his childhood circumstances and shares the difficulties that led to bottling up emotions and making it hard to speak out. This is what His Mind aims to tackle.

His Mind is hopeful for a better future, with more spaces available for men to embrace their vulnerabilities. The future of His Mind is discussed in this interview, touching on where His Mind will like to explore and offer its services going forward.

The Carbon Life Podcast has 'conversations with the successful, the inspired, the outliers' and has a great platform of which His Mind is proud to have been a part. You can hear the full interview by clicking the link at the top.

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