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Ryan Goodenough


Ryan created His Mind with the intent to help anyone and everyone, whether directly or indirectly. Ryan has valuable experience of working with 7-25 year olds living with complex needs and extreme traumas, providing support and mentorship to them all. Ryan was also a volunteer with Headway Milton Keynes and acted as a Trustee for the Charity for over 2 years, focussing on fundraising and networking.

With a strong interest in gangs and youth violence, and working full-time as a Youth Worker away from His Mind, it was working with young people that developed Ryan's interest in mental health. Having a multitude of transferrable lived experiences, Ryan was able to understand his own development by seeing himself in the young people he would support, which led to an awareness of links between emotional dysregulation and negative behaviours. This allowed Ryan the chance to understand his own mental health and encouraged him to explore it in more detail. In February 2022 Ryan was diagnosed with both ADHD and c-PTSD which provided answers to questions he had been asking for years.

It is lived experienced mixed with work experience that has placed Ryan in a position to create His Mind, and a self-created growth mindset that provides the determination to help it succeed.

Ryan Goodenough
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